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Careway Hire Uses Tracking Tools

When you use our website, app, or services, we collect personally identifiable information about you. In addition, our website utilizes third-party services which similarly collect PII. Standard tracking tools are implemented to collect user data and personalize user experience. Additionally, technologies such as flash cookies, web beacons, and browser cookies may also be used.

Trusted third-party vendors may also place or use such tools on our website or apps. In this Cookie Policy, "we" and "us" refers to Careway Hire. It also includes our trusted third-party vendors who implement cookies on our website and apps.

Why does Careway Hire Use Tracking Tools?

For several reasons, tracking tools are being used in our website; for example, it allows us to optimize our ads based on user interest. Based on the information collected from our website visitors, targeted ads are served over time, which better relates to user intent. In addition, website visitors are retargeted using ads to encourage them to opt for our services. Finally, interest-based advertising helps display more relevant advertisements to you based on your online activities and browsing habits. Such Ads are shown in websites, apps as well as emails. These ads showcase our products or services and might even be served by third parties.

We also employ tracking tools:

1. To identify past customers and new customers.
2. To better understand user intent and optimize our website accordingly.
3. To integrate third-party social media sites and extensions.
4. To follow browser activities of users and derive meaningful insights from such data.
5. To understand user interests and align our services based on user interest.

How Careway Hire Collects Users Data for Advertising?

When users visit our website or interact with us or trusted third parties, the information provided by users is used to show relevant content. The tracking tools mentioned above helps to gather information from website visitors. Our trusted third parties or we may also track your geolocation. In addition, we work with several third-party vendors who might link your personal information, such as your name or email address, to other data they collect. These could include your online usage, purchase behavior, etc.

How to Opt-out of Tracking?

You will have the option to control the data gathered by tracking tools on our website. For example, your browser allows controlling cookies collected based on your cookie preference. In addition, you can either choose to reject or allow cookies from websites.

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